How Lokyata Helps Improve Members’ Financial Wellbeing

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While building member trust in your credit union at the same time.

Financial wellbeing has been a primary focus of the credit union movement since its inception more than a hundred years ago. It’s a core element of the overall member service program at almost every credit union.

“Financial wellbeing” is generally described as the condition of a person or household who:

  • Can meet current cash flow needs. This includes debt payments, recurring expenses like rent, utility bills, or cell phone bills, and normal living expenses.
  • Feels secure about their financial future.
  • Is able to enjoy day-to-day life.

In principle, everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive financially.

However, the evidence suggests it’s an unrealistic hope for many people. They lack the wherewithal to weather unexpected financial shocks. They have little or no savings cushion. They have poor credit options. And their short-term financial needs make it difficult or impossible to pursue long-term financial goals.

According to recent information, more than three-quarters of American adults are anxious about their financial situation. The sources of their money anxiety stem from a wide range of situations. This represents an excellent opportunity to help people learn how to enjoy better financial security.

Credit unions are known as the place to go for better financial health.

In addition to the financial counseling and advice credit unions provide, they back it up with affordable loans, better deposit interest rates, and a host of other freely available member services. In turn, members see their credit union as a partner with their best interests at heart.

Better financial health is where Lokyata’s financial technology solutions come into play. When you add our technology solutions, you’ll take a big step toward stronger member trust in your credit union. This is why you should learn more about us.

Lokyata provides automated analytics, validation, and processing tools.

Our technology makes it easier for you to assess borrower creditworthiness and make better credit decisions. This means you’ll be able to extend affordable loans to more people and do so more efficiently than you could in the past. And when you do, you’ll delight more members in the process.

In simple terms, Lokyata can improve your world in at least four ways.

  1. Grow your loan portfolio without an equal increase in credit risk.
  2. Save time and money from back-office efficiencies and fewer high-risk credit reviews.
  3. Make affordable credit available to more members.
  4. Help build the financial health and wellbeing for more individuals and families.

Why not see it for yourself?

Register for our upcoming webinar to see how it works and get a greater appreciation for what Lokyata’s technology could do for your credit union and your members. In the meantime, if you'd like more information about Lokyata, you can visit or email J.D. Crouch at


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