Lokyata Announces Systems Integration with Infinity Software, Bringing Enhanced Loan Decisioning Capabilities to Lending Institutions

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Washington, DC – June 23, 2022 – Lokyata, a company focused on delivering products that digitize, automate, and scale lenders’ credit decisions, announced that its real-time, automated credit decisioning tool, BankAnalyze, is now integrated with Infinity Software’s loan management software platform.

Infinity Software has been providing software solutions to direct-to-consumer lenders for 20 years and has enabled over 700 businesses to centralize their lending operations through a single platform. Infinity offers website design, optimized loan agreements, automated underwriting waterfalls, precise localization, and a variety of consumer loan products. Its configurable loan product engine further helps customers maximize revenues through advanced accounting and reporting, a built-in collections suite and theft-deterring access controls.

Through the application programming interface API-enabled integration with Lokyata, Infinity Software customers will gain access to additional, valuable loan decisioning data and information, including customer-permissioned bank statement analysis such as Average Monthly Net Income; Minimum Balance; Average Monthly Loan Payments; and Insufficient Funds (NSF) notifications. Additionally, lenders will be able to easily configure auto-fund and auto-deny rules, further streamlining the loan decisioning process.

“Infinity has worked with hundreds of vendors to meet the needs of lenders in our space,” said Shannon Lee, Director of Products at Infinity. “Lokyata has proven to have a unique product that helps lenders better meet the needs of underserved borrowers and grow their business in a responsible and innovative way.”

“At Lokyata, we are always looking to work with innovators in the market and Infinity Software is demonstrating the value of scalable, modern technology in an evolving lending ecosystem,” said Steve Bireley, CTO at Lokyata. “Increasingly, lenders are looking for ways to responsibly help more consumers gain access to credit, and through tools like BankAnalyze and Infinity Software’s platform, more lenders are successfully meeting that goal.”

About Infinity

Infinity is the leading LMS in the Alternative Credit Lending space and has serviced the industry for 20 years. Lenders on the Infinity platform have the ability to automate everyday tasks such as loan underwriting, payment processing, and debt collection. Infinity offers a breadth of loan products, such as Installment Loans, Lines of Credit, and short-term consumer loans. Authorized to work with both State registered lenders and Tribal lenders, Infinity does business across the U.S. and Canada. Infinity is constantly innovating and improving to better further their mission of “Giving Lenders the Freedom to Grow.” For more information visit www.infinitysoftware.com or email nwilson@infinityels.com

About Lokyata

Lokyata’s global headquarters is in Washington DC with offices in Europe, India, and Latin America to serve its world-wide customer base of banks, non-banking finance companies, credit bureaus, and fintech lenders. Lokyata’s deep lending and credit risk experience, combined with a robust data science practice, pragmatic approach to data strategy, and scalable AI-driven platform deliver measurable results in increased loan approval rates, lower default rates, and improved financial margins. For more information visit www.lokyata.ai or email jd@lokyata.com.


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Lokyata revolutionizes credit decisioning allowing consumer lenders to say "yes" to more applicants by configuring their criteria into decision workflows, deploying fraud detection measures, and replacing manual processes with automation.